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Undergraduate Researchers
Term Student Project
Spring 2023
Drew Barnes
Danian Castillo
Over-determined control systems on time scales
Summer 2022
Habeebat Elwalily
Davis Funk
Applications in Kalman filtering on stochastic time scales
Summer 2022
Salvador Ochoa Zavalza The Kalman filter on time scales with exponential weighting
Summer 2022
Davis Funk
Richard Williams
Linear quadratic pursuit-evasion games on time scales
Summer 2022
Scott Ferrell
Connor Jokerst
Salvador Ochoa Zavalza
Maximum likelihood estimation on time scales
Joint work with Robert Niichel
Spring 2022 Jordina Mariné Mariné The discrete and continuous heat equations
Spring 2022 Darrell Charles Survival analysis for vehicles in the U.S., 1990-2020 (preview)
Spring 2021 Luke Coffman Optimal control for bilinear systems
High school student
Spring 2021 Dana Minakova Stochastic volatility
Spring 2020 Alisher Abdullaev Applying a long short-term memory (LSTM) network to time series forecasting
Spring 2020 Rachel Dickhens A time series forecast of coal emissions
Spring 2019 Marouen Helali Shor's algorithm: quantum application in cryptography
Alpha Chi "People's Choice" Award
Spring 2019 Harrison York Fish tracking using the Kalman filter
Spring 2018 Takaaki Komatsu Discrete-time model for humans vs zombies dynamics at Lindenwood University
Spring 2017 Colin Cernik Modelling optimal running velocity
Alpha Chi "People's Choice" Award
Spring 2017 Joy Kanangiser Estimating stochastic volatility models using moving average
Spring 2017 Tayler Monaco The effect of multiple players in a game of blackjack
Spring 2016 Victoria Francis Estimating wrestling motion estimation using the extended Kalman filter
First Place (School of Sciences), 2016 Lindenwood Student Research Conference
Alpha Chi "People's Choice" Award
Spring 2015 Micah Losee A predator-prey model for the moose and wolf populations of Isle Royale
Spring 2015 Sina Schack The PID controlled artificial pancreas: modeling and simulation of the glucose-insulin metabolism
Spring 2014 Mark Schroeder Evaluating enzyme kinetics using numerical methods
Spring 2014 Zach Stuart An application of the linear quadratic tracking problem to economic stabilization policy updated
Spring 2013 Aaron Wood The discrete-time Kalman filter
First Place (School of Sciences), 2013 Lindenwood Student Research Symposium and Exposition